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Government Of Assam Power Inspectorate of Electricity (IEC)

Citizens Charter





    Citizen friendly administration and transparency are one of the commitments of the Government of Assam towards its citizen. The Inspectorate of Electricity is dedicated to serve the people by bringing out a Citizens Charter. The Charter sets out the standard and quality of services that will be provided by this Inspectorate.

    Objectives of Citizen Charter

    1. Overview, Vision and Mission of the organization
    2. Services provided by the Inspectorate
    3. Standard of services delivered
    4. Grievance Redressal Mechanism

    Overview,Vision and Mission of the organization:

    Inspectorate of Electricity, Assam under the Power (Electricity) Department, Government of Assam is the one and only Directorate Level establishment under direct control of the Governmet of Assam, with the Chief Electrical Inspector -cum- Adviser (CEIA) as the Head of the Directorate.

    The Inspectorate is one of the oldest directorate of the Govt. of Assam, originally started functioning since 1930s. After shifting of capital from Shillong, it started functioning in Guwahati since last 35 Years. Now, the Head Quarter Office of the Inspectorate is situated at its own office accommodation at 1st floor, West End Block of HOUSEFED Complex, Dispur, Guwahati – 781 006, Assam.

    The Inspectorate of Electricity also has four (4) Zonal Offices at Silchar, Tezpur, Jorhat and Dibrugarh. The entire Inspectorate is under NON-PLAN and there is no Plan Scheme in so far as it is concerned. Presently the Inspectorate does not execute any project work but is concerned with administration of the Electricity Act/Rules, Lift and Escalators Act/Rules to ensure safety in the field of electricity.

    The CEIA is the Chief Electrical Inspector and Addl.CEIA/Dy.CEIs/Sr.EIs are Electrical Inspectors under provision of the Electricity Act, 2003. Similarly, they are Chief Inspector and Inspectors of Lifts and Escalators under provision of the Assam Lifts and Escalators Act, 2006.

    The CEIA has certain Advisory functions such as technical scrutiny and forwarding of proposals for load sanction (above 2000 KW) received from the APDCL to the Govt., as required under the Assam Electrical Energy (Regulation and Supply) Order, 1977. The CEIA may also require to give technical opinion/advice in matters related to Electricity Act and Regulations or any other matter connected with generation, transmission and/or utilization of electricity as may be referred by the State Govt. for scrutiny on its behalf.

    This Inspectorate is also the State Designated Agency (SDA) under the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 (EC Act) for the State of Assam to co-ordinate, regulate and enforce the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act within the State. In tandem with and through the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), the SDA act as buffer organization between the State Government and the Central Government in the matter of Energy Efficiency and Conservation within term of the EC Act.

    The Inspectorate of Electricity has jurisdiction throughout the State, excluding the works belonging to Defense, Railways and Central Government installations.

    The mission and objective of the Inspectorate is to make an Accident Free State from use of electricity and lifts and escalators apart from use of energy in practicable efficient manner to avoid losses.

    Functions of this Inspectorate are thus interloped to achieve the objectives of making this State an Accident Free State that consumes Energy only in Efficient Way.


    Present position of Gazetted officers in the Inspectorate

    Sl NoName of PostPresent Strength
    1Chief Electrical Inspector-cum-Adviser, Assam0
    2Addl.Chief Electrical Inspector-cum-Adviser, Assam0
    3Deputy Chief Electrical Inspector2
    4Senior Electrical Inspector5
    5Asstt. Executive Engineer(safety)*
    (Present designation - Electrical Inspector
    6Asstt. Engineer(safety)*:
    (Present designation - Electrical Inspector

    Present organizational chart of the Inspectorate is as given below:

    Organisation Chart

    Hierarchical flow and comparative equivalence of various posts of the Inspectorate of Electricity, Assam with that of the PWD and other major Works Departments is outlined below:

    Sl No.Name of post in inspectorateGrade Pay (Rs.)Equivalent post in PWD & other Works Departments
    1Chief Electrical Inspector-cum-Adviser, Assam7600/-Chief Engineer
    2Additional Chief Electrical Inspector -cum- Adviser, Assam7400/-Additional Chief Engineer
    3Deputy Chief Electrical Inspector6600/-Superintending Engineer
    4Senior Electrical Inspector6300/-Executive Engineer
    5Electrical Inspector*5900/-Assistant Executive Engineer
    6Electrical Inspector**5400/-Assistant Engineer

    N.B :*To be renamed from present name of “Electrical Inspector” to that of “Assistant Executive Engineer(safety)” in the rank of Assistant Executive Engineer of PWD with Grade Pay Rs.5,900/- in order to comply with statutory bar in using the term “Electrical Inspector” set by Section 162(1) of the Electricity Act. 2003. Process of renaming is in progress.

    **To be renamed from present name of “Electrical Inspector” to that of Assistant Engineer(safety) in the rank of Assistant Engineer of PWD with Grade Pay Rs.5,400/- in order to comply with statutory bar in using the term “Electrical Inspector” set by Section 162(1) of the Electricity Act. 2003.

    Present position of officers in the Inspectorate of Electricity, Assam

    1. Head Quarter Office at Guwahati
      1Chief Electrical Inspector -cum- AdviserVacant
      2Addl. Chief Electrical Inspector -cum- AdviserVacant
      3Deputy Chief Electrical InspectorSri Akhil Chandra Khataniar
      4Deputy Chief Electrical InspectorSri Utpal Konwar
      5Senior Electrical InspectorSri Utpal Gogoi
      6Electrical InspectorSri Pankaj Nath
      7Electrical InspectorSri Bhabananda Pathak
      8Electrical InspectorSri Kajal Kumar Singha

    2. Zonal Office at Jorhat
      1Senior Electrical Inspectorvacant
      2Electrical InspectorSri Ranjeet Kumar Gogoi
      3Electrical InspectorSmti Rashmi Phukan

    3. Zonal Office at Tezpur
      1Senior Electrical InspectorSri Mohan Sarma
      2Electrical InspectorSri Joy Charan Deka
      3Electrical InspectorVacant

    4. Zonal Office at Dibrugarh
      1Senior Electrical InspectorSri Nilomani Sarma
      2Electrical InspectorSri Bani Kanta Deka
      3Electrical InspectorSri Binanda Mili

    5. Zonal Office at Silchar
      1Senior Electrical InspectorSri Anjan Sarma
      2Electrical InspectorMatin Uddin Laskar
      3Electrical InspectorVacant

    6. Staff Position (All Assam)
      1Gazetted Class-I18 Nos.
      2Gazetted Class-II (Superintendent)Vacant
      3Non-Gazetted Staff99 Nos.


    The functions of the Inspectorate are as below:

    Administration of Electricity Act, 2003 and Central Electricity Authority (Measures Relating To Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010: (Formerly Indian Electricity Rules, 1956, since repealed):

    The Electricity Act, 2003 and Rules/Regulations made thereunder provide for safety and related Rules/Regulations to be followed by organizations/personnel involved in Generation, Supply/Transmission, Distribution and Utilization of Electrical Energy, with an objective to provide safety to Human/Animal Life and equipments/properties. In order to enforce the Act and Rules/Regulations the Inspectorate discharges the following duties:

    a) Inspection of installations of voltage exceeding 650 Volts and Multistoried Complexes for the purpose of ensuring safety and accord approval for their commissioning, as required under Electricity Rules/Regulations.

    b) Periodical inspection of electrical installations of factories, Electricity Board, Cinemas, Neon-signs, EHV/HV installations, Lifts and Multistoried Buildings etc.

    c) Scrutiny of and according approval of drawings of electrical installations, indicating the method of construction and layout of electrical equipments/switchgears/earthing, EHV/HV installations and Multistoried Complexes as per the Regulations and Codes.

    d) To investigate Electrical Accidents and submit Enquiry Report to the Government suggesting/insisting upon remedial measures on the concerned authorities to eliminate the occurrence of such electrical accident from similar antecedents.

    Administration of certain provisions of the Assam Cinema (Regulation) Rules, 1960 made under The Assam Cinema (Regulation) Act, 1960:

    Under provisions of this regulation, permanent Cinema Halls are to be inspected and tested from this Inspectorate every year for the purpose of issuing Electrical Safety Certificates. Similar, Safety Certificates are to be issued for Temporary Cinema halls. The Cinema Operator’s License are issued and renewed by the Inspectorate.

    Administration of the provisions of the Assam Electrical Licensing Board Regulation, 1992:

    The Electrical Licensing Board is constituted by the State Govt. under the above regulation with the CEIA as the ex- officio Chairman and one Senior Electrical Inspector as the Member Secretary. The main functions of the Board are:

    (a) Receiving, scrutinizing and processing the applications for the issue and yearly renewal of Electrical Contractor’s License to Electrical Contractor.
    (b) Receiving and processing of applications pertaining to grant of Certificate and Permits to Supervisors and Workmen respectively and renewal of those.
    (c) Conducting Examination for issue of Supervisor’s Certificate of Competency for the Electrical Supervisors and Wiremen, every year.
    (d) Preparation for issue of Certificates to Supervisor and Permit.
    (e) Enquiry in to malpractices in electrical works and disputes between the Licensed Electrical Contractor and the prospective/existing consumers of Electricity about contravention of Licensing Rules.

    Administration of provisions of the Assam Lifts and Escalators Rules, 2010 made under the Assam Lifts and Escalators Act, 2006:

    As a large number of Electric lifts have been installed in the multistoried buildings in Guwahati and other cities and towns of Assam, in order to ensure safety from use of lifts and escalators, the Government of Assam made the Assam Lifts and Escalators Rules, 2010 to make statutory provisions to regulate the installation, maintenance and safe operation of lifts and escalators within the state of Assam.

    Administration of provisions of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001:The Government of Assam designated the CEIA as the SDA to co-ordinate, regulate and enforce provisions of the EC Act 2001 within the State of Assam. Accordingly some works relating to Energy Conservation were carried out under fund assistance from BEE, GoI. The Government of Assam constituted the ‘Assam State Energy Conservation Fund’ as required under the Section 16 of the EC Act, 2001. Accordingly a savings account was opened at the State Bank of India, Dispur branch, Guwahati.

    Services provided by the Inspectorate of Electricity, Assam:

    The Inspectorate of Electricity is entrusted with the following statutory duties and executive functions to provide to the Public in general and stake holders in particular.

    1. Enforcement of various sections of the Electricity Act, 2003 and Rules/Regulations made thereunder, namely Central Electricity Authority (Measures Relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010 (hereinafter to be referred to as “Regulations”):

      a)Approval of electrical installations and apparatus of voltage exceeding 650 volts under regulation 43 of the Regulations for energizing.

      b)Inspection of generating sets of capacity of 25KVA and above under regulation 32 of the Regulations for commissioning.

      c)Inspection and approval of electrical installations in a multistoried building of more than 15 meters in height having connected load of 20KW and voltage 440 volts and above as required under regulation 36 of the Regulations for energizing.

      d)To grant Certificate of Competency to electrical Supervisors, Workmen Permits and electrical Contractor’s license as required by regulation 29 of the Regulations.

      e)To inquire into the cause of electrical accidents as and when directed by the Government as required under Section 161 (2) of the Electricity Act 2003.

    2. Enforcement of the electrical safety provisions under the Assam Cinema (Regulation) Rules 1960 to issue Safety Certificates to Cinema halls and issue license to Cinema operators.
    3. Enforcement of the Assam Lifts and Escalators Rules, 2010 to grant permission and issue license to use lifts and escalators in the State.
    4. To co-ordinate, regulate and enforce provisions of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 as the State Designated Agency within the State.

    Web Portal: Website of the Inspectorate is working since year 2011. The URL is www.cei.assam.gov.in. All Forms and Checklists relating to the works and services of the Inspectorate are available for free download at the website, as listed below:

    a) Application form for statutory approval for energizing HV/EHV sub-stations.

    b) Application form for statutory approval for energizing HV/EHV overhead lines.

    c) Application form for statutory approval for energizing HV/EHV cables.

    d) Application form for statutory approval for commissioning of Generating sets.

    e) Application form for grant of Electrical Supervisor’s Certificate of Competency and workmen’s Permit.

    f) Application form for statutory approval for commencement of supply to multistoried buildings.

    g) Application for grant of Electrical Contractor’s License.

    h) Application for renewal of contractor’s license.

    i) Application form for cinema operator’s license.

    j) Lift and Escalators.

    k) Check list of various application for statutory approval.

    l) Schedule of fees for ELB matters.

    m) Schedule of fees for lift and escalators.