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Government Of Assam Power Inspectorate of Electricity (IEC)


  • In the year 1905, Shri R.J.Browne was appointed as Electrical Adviser and Electrical inspector for Bengal and Assam having a common office. On the retirement of Shri Browne in 1926, Shri S. W. Redclift, M.I.E.E. (London), M.E.E. (India) succeded and in 1930, the work relating to Assam having been transferred from the common Inspectorate, Shri W. Allsup, M.I. Mech. E.M.I.E.(India) was appointed as ‘Electrical Adviser and Electrical Inspector’ to the Govt. of Assam. The Inspectorate of Electricity was then the direct control of the Chief Secretary. On the retirement of Shri Allsup in 1945, Shri G. C. Goswami, Bsc., B.Engg.(Sheff.), M.I.E (India) took charge of the office on 12.03.1945 as ‘Chief Electrical and factory Inspector and Electrical Adviser’ to the Govt. of Assam and continued till 31.05.1958.

    The Assam State Electricity Board was constituted with effect from 01.06.1958 and with the appointment of Shri G. Goswami as Chief Engineer of the A.S.E.B, the post of Electrical Adviser was abolished.

    During the period from 1958 to 1969, the Inspectorate of Electricity in Assam was placed under one Senior Electrical Inspector. The first incumbent was late Shri G.C.Roy, B.Sc.(Engg), who expired on 26.10.1965. His successor was Shri I. K. Bhattacharjee, who was on deputation from the Assam State Electricity Board. The post of Senior Electrical Inspector was converted to Chief Electrical Adviser with effect from 02.01.1969 and Shri T. C. Dowarah took charge of the office and retired from service on 31.01.1977. After retirement of Late Shri Doworah, the post of Chief Electrical Adviser was successively filled up by obtaining two Superintending Engineers from the A.S.E.B in the person of Shri R. P. Das and Shri B. Goswami, Shri GOswami’s services were replaced at the disposal of his parent organization (A.S.E.B) in August, 1983. Shri R. K. Barooah, Seniormost Senior Electrical Inspector held the current duties on the CEA’s post for the period from 25.08.1983 to 27.01.1984.

    Shri h. Zaman, a Deputy Director of the Industries Department was temporarily appointed as Chief Electrical Adviser on his grade pay as Deputy Director, industries. The Service of Shri Zaman was replaced at the disposal of the Industries Department with effect from 05.03.1987 and Shri R. K. Barooah, Deputy Chief Electrical Adviser assumed full charge with effect from 06.03.1987 as Chief Electrical Adviser in addidtion to his own duties. Shri Zaman, however formally handed over charge to Shri R. K. Barooah with effect from 01.04.1987 and the letter continued as such till 02.06.1996. Shri Barooah was promoted and appointed to the post Chief Electrical Inspector-cum-Adviser under regulation 4(d) of A.P.S.C’s (Limitation & Function) Regulation, 1951 on 03.06.1996.

    With the conversation of the only post of Senior Electrical Inspector to Chief Electrical Adviser for late T.C. Dowrah, two posts of Senior Electrical Inspector were created in 1970 under Non-Plan at the Head Office. These two posts are still continuing.

    In the meantime, the Inspectorate of Electricity was transferred from under the general and judicial Department to be under the Labour Department of Government and then to be under the Planning and Development Department and finally to be under the Power (Electricity) Department in the year, 1958.

    This is the short history of the Inspectorate of Electricity, Assam from the beginning.